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Air Conditioning
From £129.99


If your Renault car or van is fitted with air-conditioning you’ll know the year round benefits of maintaining a cool temperature in your vehicle during the summer months. 

If your air-conditioning takes a long time to heat or cool your car or van, or just doesn’t perform as well as used to let Holdcroft Renault check your Air-conditioning and pollen filter for £39.  If the air-conditioning just doesn’t work its more than likely just in need of a re-gas which can often be carried out while you wait from just £129.99

Air-conditioning / climate control gas refill
If your air conditioning isn't working, one ouf our Renault trained technicians can re-gas your system. There are 2 types of gases, and depending on the age of your vehicle it will use one or the other. If you're not sure, don't hesitate to call one of our specialists.
  • Air Conditioning Refill - £129.99

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Air-conditioning filter check

If you air-conditioning isn't working as well as it should, we can check your filters for you and replace them where necessary.

  • Filter Check - £39

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Why choose Holdcroft Renault

  • 12 month guarantee - our work includes a 12 month parts and labour guarantee.
  • Renault trained technicians & genuine parts - using the right tools for the job.
  • Software upgrade check - checked against Renault systems for free upgrades.
  • Vehicle Health Check - peace of mind of the condition of your vehicle.
  • Car washed and cleaned - returning your car in it’s best possible condition.
  • Waiting facilities - refreshments, newspapers and Wi-Fi.
  • Collect and deliver / lift - ultimate convenience while your vehicle is with us.
  • Low cost loan vehicle - we offer a cost effective loan vehicles. *booking required.
  • Service plan quotation - an effective way to spread the cost of motoring.
  • Use your EasyLife pack and 4+ service packages


Air-conditioning (or air-con) is not just for comfort.  By keeping the cabin temperature cool in summer, air-conditioning contributes to driver alertness and therefore driving safety too.  It’s a year round benefit - during winter months air-conditioning helps heat up a cabin to defrost windows quickly, to get you on your way.  It also clears mist from the inside of the windscreen quickly to give you a safe view of the road ahead.

Renault recommend re-gassing the air-conditioning system every 4 years for Renault cars and vans, this service involves safely removing the existing gas, carrying out a pressure test on the air-conditioning system (to check for air-conditioning system leaks) before refilling with fresh gas which will improve cooling and heating performance.

Pollen filter

A pollen filter is fitted between the air conditioning unit and the cabin. The filter removes particles in the air including pollen, exhaust fumes, dust and more.  These particles are trapped in the pollen filter – preventing them entering the cabin.  Renault recommends changing the pollen filter every 2 years, and that it is checked when the air-conditioning system is re-gassed.  A new pollen filter allows air to pass through it quickly. A used filter in need or replacement will appear dirty and may restrict the flow of air through the filter.  Replacing the pollen filter allows air in to the cabin quickly, and places less strain on the air-conditioning system.  Always be sure to use Renault filters which give a long life, excellent filtration and air quality.

Renault Crewe

Renault Crewe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do filters need replacing?

The filters in your vehicle keep the air, fuel and oil flows in your engine clean, and the passenger air flow free from dust, pollen and pollution.  These filters are in constant use and over time the particles they filter out and hold within them begin to make a filter efficient.

Oil, engine air and fuel filters, are intended to stop impurities that could damage the engine while the passenger compartment filter serves to improve the quality of the air inside the vehicle.

Good quality filters are therefore a determining point for both vehicle service life and for the hygiene of the air inside the car and for the driver’s and passengers safety.

Dirty or blocked filters are less effective, and could lead to engine damage, or in the case of a cabin filter ultimately driver drowsiness. Replacing the recommended filters at your vehicle service is an important part of maintaining your car – who better than Holdcroft Renault to look after your Renault car or van.

Renault genuine filters fitted by Renault trained technicians are guaranteed to fit first time, give long service life and be compatible with your vehicles filtering needs.  Cheap filters, just like a dirty one, will be less efficient and durable, and could damage your engine if air, fuel or oil flow were adversely affected.  Your cabin filter plays an important part in driver safety too. We are so confident in the quality of our filters used in our car and van servicing we guarantee all our work for 12 months for parts and labor and can set fixed replacement intervals aimed at maintaining your vehicles performance and saving you money on vehicle maintenance.


What about oil?

There are several types of oil available, (5W30 and 5W40)and the right oil for your vehicle depends on the engine – petrol and diesel engines require different oil types.  In our workshops we will drain and correctly dispose of your old engine oil, replace the oil sump plug and washer with a genuine Renault sump plug and washer, and then electronically measure the quantity of new oil we put in to your engine.  Too much or too little oil and your engine risks permanent damage.  Trust us to replace your oil with the correct quality and quantity of oil – and take care of disposal of old engine oil.

Can I top-up the oil myself?

Most Renault vehicles have an electronic oil level measure on the dashboard. The difference between the bottom and top marker on the gauge is 1 litre of oil, so you should never need to top up your oil level with any more than 1 litre without visiting Holdcroft Renault for a free check.

Some oil is consumed naturally over time and might need topping up, which is why we recommend carrying a 1 litre oil top up in your boot.  You can call in and pick up the right 1 litre oil top up pack from Holdcroft Renault any time for just £xx.  Overfilling your oil can have dramatic consequences, and can cause permanent engine damage – if in doubt call Holdcroft Renault for a free check of your vehicle.

If your Renault car or van regularly needs topping up, your have poured in more than 1 litre of oil, or may have used the wrong grade engine oil you should give Holdcroft Renault a call and book your car or van for a check by one of our trained technicians.  We will check your vehicle over and give you peace of mind on the reliability and oil consumption of your vehicle.

Latest Service Offers

Latest Service Offers


Terms and Conditons: All prices quoted are manufacturer recommended retail prices including VAT at the prevailing rate. Prices may vary depending on model and servicing requirement. All prices are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change at any point without notice. All offers exclude the Z.E. range. Additional parts may be required according to the maintenance programme (not included in stated price). Excludes V6 engines. Contact us for the correct specification for your vehicle.