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Renault Routine Servicing


The Benefits

Servicing your car annually at Holdcroft Renault provides the following benefits:

1. The peace of mind that your vehicle is operating safely and at peak performance maintaining:

  • fuel economy
  • low emissions
  • engine performance
  • safe and reliable handling
  • wear rates kept to a minimum, extending the lift of the engine

2. Help your spread and reduce the cost of maintaining your vehicle.

3. Will help to keep the resale value of your vehicle high.

Great value for money fixed price servicing for your Renault car, using approved Renault parts. All repair work done by the Renault dealer network is guaranteed for 1 year.

Who better than Renault to take care of your Renault?

A "while you wait" option is available for all servicing, MOT & maintenance appointments, or speak to your dealer for mobility options including courtesy cars and collection & delivery.

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Seasonal Offers

Air Con Service £69

Renault recommends a service of the Air Conditioning System every two years. The air con service is a thorough inspection of the air conditioning system, including a complete recharge of the air-con gas and a cleanse of the evaporator

Free Vehicle Health Check

Free visual inspection of your vehicle to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

Routine Service & MOT Offers

Renault Service £1591

Applies to vehicle on a two year service regime. Content: Engine Oil & Filter change, safety, computer, battery, levels and anti-corrosion checks and adjustments. It’s important that your car is serviced in line with the manufacturer service schedule to maintain its performance and efficiency, and also contribute to maintaining its residual value.


The first MOT test is required when your vehicle is 3 years old. All of our testers are UK Vehicle Inspectorate trained and we will only be using Renault genuine parts to carry out any necessary repair work.

Service & MOT £1991 & 2

Combine your Renault Service and MOT

Interim Service from £1291

Applies to high mileage drivers (i.e. more than 2 services required in a two year period) with a vehicle on a 2 year service regime. Content: Engine Oil & Filter change, safety, computer & level checks & adjustments

Cabin Service from £591

The cabin filter ensures the passenger compartment is supplied with clean, healthy air. Not replacing the cabin filter at the recommended interval can lead to unpleasant odours, inefficient screen demisting and reduced hot & cold air flows.

Express Service from £893

Basic oil and filter change and free vehicle health check.

Service Plan from £83

Spread the cost of your service & maintenance requirements into monthly payments. Your local Renault dealer will be able to tailor a service plan based on your vehicle, annual mileage and budget.

Routine Maintenance

Brake Fluid from £39

Brake Fluid provides a hydraulic link between the brake pedal and the brakes. Over time, brake fluid becomes contaminated with water and a severe contamination can lead to brake failure. Replacing the brake fluid at the recommended interval maintains the vehicle braking performance and extends the life of braking components.

Cambelt Replacement from £1994

The cambelt keeps the engine running smoothly. It is essential that the cambelt is replaced at the recommended interval as a slipped or snapped belt can lead to complete engine failure.

Front Brake Pads from £89

Brake pads grip on to the brake discs to reduce vehicle speed. Over time, the brake pads are worn down and need replacing to ensure safety and maintain braking performance.

Front Brake Pads and Discs from £199

Brake pads grip on to the brake discs to reduce vehicle speed. Over time, the brake pads and brake discs wear down and need replacing to ensure safety and maintain braking performance.

Replacement Batteries from £49

Your car’s ignition, lights, heaters and windscreen wipers are all driven by the battery. Over time, the battery’s power will weaken and need replacing. If your starter motor feels sluggish, or your headlights dim when your car is idling, you may need a replacement.

Tyres from £395

Tyres are the only link between your vehicle and the road. They affect your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy and comfort. Tyres wear out over time and replacing them is a legal requirement once the tread depth is less than 1.6mm (across 75% of the tyre). For safety, Renault recommends tyres should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 3mm.

Wiper Blades from £12

Wiper blades become worn over time, making them less effective. If your wipers are juddering on the windscreen, leaving streaks or unwiped areas, you may need to replace your wiper blades.

Fixed Price Servicing Ts & Cs All prices quoted are manufacturer recommended retail prices including VAT at the prevailing rate. Prices may vary depending on model and servicing requirement. All prices are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change at any point without notice. All offers exclude the Z.E. range. Available at participating Dealers only. 1 Additional parts may be required according to the maintenance programme (not included in stated price). Excludes V6 engines. Consult your Renault Dealer for the correct specification for your vehicle. 2 MOT excludes Northern Ireland and Class 7 3 Offer available to customers who own a Renault car over 48 months old who are new Renault Service department customers. The Express Service consists of an oil & filter change and a 25-point visual inspection. Service carried out using Renault Approved Parts. Additional parts may be required. Participating dealers only. Price includes VAT at the prevailing rate. Excludes ZE vehicles, LCVs and V6 engines. 4 Price quoted is for a Clio II 1.2 8v D7F 60bhp 5 Price stated relates to tyre 185/65 R15 88T, Fuel Efficiency F, Wet Grip E, External rolling noise 3 (71)

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