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Nissan Cambelt

A cambelt plays a vital role in keeping your car on the road. If it breaks, it can have catastrophic effects, both in terms of the damage to your car and your wallet.

What is a Cambelt?

Why does a cambelt need replacing?

Timing belts can also fail prematurely because of one of the following reasons, which may require early replacement:

  • Incorrect tension: the belt was incorrectly tensioned when fitted, or the tensioner locking bolt not sufficiently tightened – often a risk if the belt is replaced outside the Nissan dealer network.
  • Contamination: the belt has become contaminated with grit, oil, coolant or other undesirable materials
  • Excessive wear: one of the tensioners or the idler pulley has either seized or broken, or another component driven by the timing belt (i.e. the water pump) has seized or has excessive play.
  • Substandard components: the belt or associated part is substandard or faulty – often the case with non-genuine parts.
  • Misaligned cover: the timing belt cover has been fitted incorrectly (i.e. chafes or lets in dirt) – again a risk if non-Nissan technicians have worked on the vehicle.

What are the symptoms of a worn cambelt?

There is often very little evidence of a cambelt concern until it’s too late. Any abnormal engine noise could be an indication and must always be investigate as priority. Sticking to the manufacture guidelines is the best policy

What happens if your cambelt breaks?

Ultimately, if a timing belt snaps when the engine is running, major damage can be caused to engine valves and pistons - damage that can be very expensive to put right, and may result in mechanical write off of a vehicle.  If you do get away without major engine damage, timing belt failure will still leave you stranded and requiring breakdown recovery. The best way to prevent this is to replace the cambelt at the recommended intervals, using genuine Nissan parts and trained Nissan technicians your local Nissan dealer. Our Nissan trained technicians at Holdcroft Nissan will always replace the belt and the associated components at the same time to ensure engine reliability and saving you money in the long run - providing you peace of mind about your Nissan future reliability.


"We recommend that you change your cambelt every 5 years or 90,000 miles.
However, If you leave it too late and the belt fails, this will most likely lead to engine damage and, worst case scenario, a completely new engine, costing you thousands."

Mike Leese
Parts Manager - Nissan Crewe