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Megane R.S. wins group test against Hyundai i30n

Added: 09 July 2018


"The fourth generation Mégane is a more mature, higher quality, less demanding hot hatch than it has ever been" writes PistonHeads, whilst the four-wheel steering delivers "the sort of poised agility we've all craved in a modern Mégane."

"There's a chassis of exemplary quality in this Mégane. Certainly one that's worthy of the Renault Sport name, and absolutely superior to the Hyundai's. It's that classic Renault Sport trait: the point at which others are reaching their limit is where the Gallic genius begins to shine."

"The harder you drive, the better it gets - more responsive, more agile and more alive, the quicker you go.  That it is good enough already to shade the enormously likeable i30 N is testament to the job done by Renault Sport at the first try."

3rd July 2018


"The good news is that the Mégane gets the basics right" reports What Car? "Not only is the Mégane quick enough, but it also makes a throaty rasp that's a lot more appealing than the Type R's rather subdued sound."
"Our test car came with the standard six-speed manual gearbox, which is one of the better 'boxes in the class, the short throw and absence of slack are preferable to what you'd find in the Volkswagen Golf R and BMW M140i."
"The Mégane doesn't just feel keen to turn in; it seems to pivot around the gearstick. Indeed, we can't think of a front-wheel-drive car that resists slipping wide at the front quite so well."
"That bargain price and the addictive driving experience just tips this Cup version into five-star territory"

3rd July 2018

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