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diesel engines explained

Cars emit a mixture of CO2 NOx and particulates.
Diesel cars emit more NOx and particulates, but less CO2 than their petrol equivalents.

Diesel cars emit more NOx and particulates, but less CO2 than their petrol equivalents

Diesel Engines Have Improved
Cars made after 2015, are built to Euro 6 standards. This requires them to emit around a third of the NOx and a fi fth of the particulates of a car built before 2009.

Diesel Cars Produce Less CO2
Diesel cars are still more efficient than their petrol equivalents. They use less fuel and emit on average 20% less CO2.

Cars Are Not The Biggest Contributors To Air Pollution
In Greater London, diesel cars account for only 11% of NOx emissions, while petrol cars account for 7%. Other sources include: industry, trains, gas boilers and many types of machinery

Diesel Cars Now Have Very Advanced Filter Systems
Many diesel cars now have diesel particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction systems which reduce emissions
The Government has stated that charging cars to enter a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) should be a measure of last resort for Local Authorities. All other alternatives should be exhausted first.

There are currently no Government plans to change diesel taxation in a way that will retrospectively punish motorists.

The strictest Clean Air Zones will not charge new diesel cars. Only cars older than 2015 (pre-Euro 6) will face penalties.

New diesel cars are cleaner than ever. By September 2018, all new cars will have passed a strict emission test carried out under real driving conditions, before being sold.
So, which fuel
is for you?

Every driver should purchase the car best suited to their individual requirements.


Long distances and commutes, Motorways, high-mileage driver.


City driver, short journeys, low-mileage driver.

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