Mazda is offering motorists in Stoke and Oldham a tyre and visual vehicle health check throughout October as part of Tyre Safety Month. Drivers with a New or Approved Used Mazda can take advantage of the offer until 31 October.

The dealers are raising awareness of the importance of tyre safety throughout October with its skilled Mazda technicians conducting tyre checks to ensure correct pressure and tread depth. Correctly inflated tyres help to reduce wear, maximise fuel economy and provide the best-possible traction – even more important as we approach autumn and winter weather conditions.

Mazda drivers in Stoke and Oldham can also enjoy peace of mind thanks to the Mazda team’s visual health check of their vehicle. The health check focuses on the key safety and performance features of the car, including lights, wipers and brakes. In line with Mazda's strict safety guidelines, the trained technicians will provide each customer with an overview of any safety concerns they have following the inspection.

Bob Bentley, Dealer Principal at Mazda Hanley said: “We recognise the importance of tyre and vehicle safety, which is why are pleased to offer this service to our customers. As the weather starts to get colder, icy roads and rain can make driving more risky if your car is not performing at its best. We hope that lots of customers do visit us and make the most of this service.”

Tyre Safety Month takes place each year to promote greater awareness of tyre care, the benefits of regular checks, and to drive a change in attitudes to help reduce the number of tyre-related incidents on UK roads. The campaign highlights that unpredictable weather and variations in road conditions can catch out unsuspecting drivers, but incidents could be avoided with tyres that are in good condition and at the right pressure.

For more information about the tyre or vehicle health checks, or Tyre Safety month, visit the dealership in Stoke or Oldham or go to

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