Holdcroft Accident Aftercare

Whatever the make or model, our service team is made up of fully qualified technicians using only genuine parts.

Accident? Call Holdcroft first before your insurer.

Holdcroft Accident Aftercare is free and available 24 hours a day if you have an accident.

Call Holdcroft First regardless of whose fault it was. Because we know your vehicle, we can do something no insurer can. Guarantee the highest quality repair to manufacturer standards. We’ll also manage the insurance claim process for you and provide you with a free courtesy car. No hassle, no claims forms and no additional cost to you.

Shouldn’t I call my insurer first?

No. Most UK insurers want to repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible - so they send you to a repair centre that suits themand not you - their ‘nominated‘ repair centre. But that Bodyshop won’t know you, or your vehicle; it may not even operate to the latest manufacturer’s repair standards as we do, or have the latest equipment or technical knowledge. They even avoid using genuine parts - and that can harm your vehicle’s safety and resale value.

It’s your right.

You might think you have to do everything your insurer says -but you don’t. When you Call Holdcroft First, our dedicated team will exercise your right to have your vehicle repaired at a Holdcroft Bodyshop. One that always operates to manufacturer repair standards and only uses vehicle manufacturer genuine parts, keeping your vehicle 100% original... always.



Guaranteed benefits:

✓ Only vehicle manufacturer genuine parts and panels fitted Repaired at a Holdcroft Bodyshop that operates to vehicle manufacturer repair standards

Free courtesy car for all accidents when repaired by a Holdcroft Bodyshop

✓ Safety standards preserved by fitting only genuine vehicle manufacturer parts

✓ Repair guarantee at a Holdcroft Bodyshop

✓ Residual value and resale appeal preserved by fitting only genuine manufacturer parts

✓ Keep your vehicle 100% original...always


As an additional reward for giving us the opportunity to carry out an estimate and in the event we carry out the repairs we will provide you with an excess voucher worth: £250 to be used against any excess you may incur.*


Other insurers who do not guarantee the above benefits include:

Churchill, More Than, Sheila’s Wheels, RAC, Admiral, LV, Post Office, Saga, Co-op ,Tesco, John Lewis, Swiftcover, Diamond, RSA …… and most others.

Exchange Promise

Exchange Promise

Obtain the pre-accident market value of your repaired car in part-exchange for another Holdcroft vehicle. Research shows that some customers don’t feel the same about their car immediately after an accident. When you Call Holdcroft First, we are so confident the repair will be to the highest standard that Holdcroft will offer the pre-accident value for your vehicle if you decide to change it within 30 days of Bodyshop repair.


  • Do I need to report the claim to my insurer if you are dealing with my claim?
  • What information do you require from me in order to manage the claim?
  • How does Holdcroft benefit from providing this service?
  • Is there a cost for the service?
  • I'm a Holdcroft used vehicle owner - can I use this service?
  • Can you help for all accidents, even a small dent?
  • If I Call Holdcroft First, will it increase my next insurance premium?

Do I need to report the claim to my insurer if you are dealing with my claim?

No. We will notify your insurer of the accident and confirm the Holdcroft bodyshop where it will be repaired. If you don’t call Holdcroft First, your insurer will dictate where your vehicle will be repaired and it will be too late for you to excercise your right to choose. 

We are an approved bodyshop and SMART repairer for the following manufacturers.

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